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In Love Forever (Hardcover)

In Love Forever (Hardcover)

Here's what thrilled readers are saying about this Award Winning, Best-Seller: 

"This proven system is a relationship game changer for creating unprecedented levels of passion, love, and intimacy. The radiant joy you receive from the Valentines is contagious."

"I opened a treasure called In Love Forever. I was mesmerized by the openness."

"Such a great book, it has totally transformed our relationship!"


Get Ready To Transform Your Life! Cary and Wendy guide you through this easy 7-step system, so you can quickly experience more joy, fun and romantic bliss.

Whether you need a relationship tune-up or a complete overhaul, the tools for creating the juicy relationship of your dreams are awaiting you in this book.

Discover how to...
Deepen your intimacy and love making
Improve your communication in three simple steps
Learn more about each other in playful, flirty ways
End the negative, life-zapping effects of self- doubt and jealousy
Spice up your love life and deepen your divine connection
Avoid the mistakes that most couples make
Snuggle up to your challenges instead of running away
Give your partner the greatest gift of all
Divorce-proof your marriage
Feel more beautiful, happy, alive and successful


Books Retail for 29.95 each.
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