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“When all your desires are distilled; 

You will cast just two votes: 

To love more and be happy.” 

~ Rumi




Here are 2 ways to engage your audience so they are with us every step of the way in our interview of the following questions:





1. The 1st five callers will receive a complimentary 30 minute REJUICE YOUR RELATIONSHIP COACHING session (good for couples or those looking for relationship) with Cary Valentine.


2. The 5th caller poises a question about how they can fall in love with their mate like there is no tomorrow or any other concerns they have.





1. Why do you suggest couples can benefit from having an affair?


2.  What are the 3 essential things our listeners can do today to put the juice back in their relationship?


3. In Love Forever is the title of your forthcoming book. Isn't that a long time for a couple to last especially with the divorce rate being 50% or more?


4. How did you get into this line of business/what’s your story?  Is it rewarding?  


5.  Worry, doubt and fear.  Breakfast of Champions.  Women worry about their bodies, men worry about finances (maybe their bodies, too!), and then, they may be kids thrown in the mix … how as humans do we stop worrying and being fearful about things?  Didn’t our parents teach us how to do this??!!


6.  You have a TV show airing later this year … what’s that going to be about, and how do we catch it?


7.   You’re an international drummer/percussionist – is this your ‘day job’?! 


8.  You have a special interest in the game of golf and coaching golfers on their "inner game" how does a relationship coach help golfers? 


9.   You’ve also created a non-profit, call the Lotus Arts Foundation – what’s its intent?      


10.  I understand you have a special offer to give to listeners today!  We all love surprises!


11.  Anything else you’d like to add?


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